FULLLOYAL ERP for distribution

Determine the profitability in real time and optimize your stocks.


It is an online platform for management, distribution and automatic synchronization. It is an "ERP" system that combines several departments according to "SFA" approaches to achieve the results of an effective management of the relation with your customers and to gain their satisfactions and loyalty schemes “CRM”. This platform allows to improve the management of resources and stores and to obtain results, reports and statistics in real time.

Multi-Company Solution

Due to FULLLOYAL ERP, the parent company or the manufacturer can create an unlimited number of branches, such as distributors and depositories, so that the platform allows access, control and audit of all data and statistics. All your data is accessible and rights and access privileges are always guaranteed.


Mobile Application for Sellers.

L'une des techniques qui rend le travail fluide et précis et permet d'obtenir des résultats CRM est l'application des vendeurs, grâce à laquelle les vendeurs peuvent enregistrer les clients, leurs commandes, leurs paiements et toutes leurs transactions.
It also includes the distribution of customers on geolocation maps to organize the Tours according to the SFA system.


Mobile Application for Delivery mens.

It is also necessary that we have provided you with an application to manage the process of delivery of the goods and track the movement and status of the delivery, the journey of the goods upon their exit and arrival to customers, as well as in the case of return.
The application also includes customer distribution on geolocation maps and all the techniques that make it possible to achieve CRM and build customer loyalty.

About US

FULLLOYAL ERP Developed by SIC group.

SIC is a management company for studies and IT consulting founded in 2011 It works in the field of business, advertising and services. We are a team of developers and interests in this field, we are also always up to date with innovative technology and we aim to bring it within the reach of our customers.

Automation of activities and simplification of tasks

Automate and monitor distributor activities to improve operational efficiency.

Perfect performance and high precision

Make deliveries on time and manage routes across multiple locations, in multiple currencies and in several languages And reduce stock-outs, missed sales opportunities, and other overhead.

Control of commercial acts with flexibility

Monitor the performance of sales reps and distribution channels, And Flexible voucher management ordering, simplified management of complaints and commercial promotions.


Discover the benefits of the platform

Accessible from everywhere

Access all features from anywhere from your web browser with FULLLOYAL ERP, a 100% cloud-based solution.

Improved inventory management

Improve customer service and elevate profitability with real-time access to inventory available, goods in transit and inventory valuation.

Fast order processing

Ensure fast deliveries with automation of purchase orders and the production of packing slips. Security procedures provide up-to-date information to your employees and partners.

Accurate data entry

Reduce time spent on data entry with predictive entry and presentation adaptive screens. Setting up default accounts, payment terms and discounts helps to avoid errors.

Accelerated decision making

Access past insights and transform insights into future needs with drilling data and dashboards.

Local and international partnerships

Reach international markets with a cloud-based, multi-currency, multilingual and multi-company.


Consult the prices of our platform


USD400 / Year
Unlimited access to the platform
  • 75 USD / Year
    For every application
  • MAX number of applications
    10 Applications


USD700 / Year
Unlimited access to the platform
  • 75 USD / Year
    For every application
  • MAX number of applications
    20 Applications


USD1200 / Year
Unlimited access to the platform
  • 75 USD / Year
    For every application
  • MAX number of applications
    30 Applications


USD2100 / Year
Unlimited access to the platform
  • 75 USD / Year
    For every application
  • MAX number of applications
    Over 30 Applications

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